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Welcome to Talia's!! 

Your Sweet Snack Kingdom.

🍿👑Home of Regal Puffs🍿 👑 

- The snack that summons you. 

You're sure to find unique sweet treats and snacks fit for royalty.   

Why Choose Us?

This is the Kingdom of Snacks. We specialize in goodies. We believe snacking should be done right.  As a busy mom of 6 I thoroughly believe one should snack on purpose with the purpose of experiencing a few moments of peace and euphoria with a side of nurishment. 😉

We encourage escaping to your designated hiding spot, opening your treasure chest of Talia's snacks to indulge in a specially made treat and embracing the OMG-THAT-WAS-SO-GOOD-SWOON. 

When 3pm slump hits you, it's the perfect  pick-me-up you need.

 Our treats also make the perfect gift for that special someone you love or for who you just love to see smile. We are also able to customize select items. Please contact us to get a personalized quote on customization. 

Our goodies are made locally and inspired from from different adventures we encounter as a family. Thank you for your love & support. We hope your family  enjoys them as much as we do. 

It sure is a best seller!!!!-Candied Pecans

Actress. Model & Local celebrity

About Us


Queen of the snacks

I'm a wife and mom of 6. ~A mother of multiples & few of my children are special needs, so I know how hectic life can be. ( Would not change them for anything!) Sometimes you just want a super delicious, slightly indulgent snack without having to share it with your kiddos to help get you through the chaos. Or maybe you want to share the goodness, but with your bestie who's 2k miles away. Either way, we gotchu!! (Hello GoodieBox!) So kick your feet up Queen, lean back and journey with me and you'll see a world filled with pure imagination & relaxation.

I began baking due to my son having food allergies.  That plus being a great granddaughter of a sweet shop owner, the granddaughter of a restaurantuer, the daughter of a amazing cook and baker and growing up around my Nanny, who would always have a small bag of goodies for all her grandchildren. Cooking/snacking is in my blood. I truly love to feed people.  So come on, Let me BAKE you SMILE! I am inspired daily to keep pushing towards my vision. To have Talia's be a household name, become a staple in your pantry and to make sure the OMG-THAT-WAS-SO-GOOD-SWOON is part of every snack we produce. 

The Word says, "Your gift will make room for you."  My gift gave me a Kingdom. Welcome to my domain. God bless.  

❤Talia- 👑Queen of the snacks🍬🍫🍭